Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I think Grant is taking some fashion tips from his brother.


Cade can make a guitar out of anything!


I loved having Delaney along to help entertain Grant!


Grant loved meeting Olivia!


I cringed when George packed the scooter for our trip to Houston, but  Grant loved it!

Luckily, none of the guests complained about a 3 year old on wheels.


I can't believe how big he is!

Now that he is 3, I guess he is big enough to stand for chest x-rays.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I can't believe he can push the buttons without standing on my foot now.


Big boy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I know I owe a few days, but I'll catch those up when we get home.

Here is Grant with his "cowboy" gear on, waiting on the hotel shuttle I think the hat looks more like Michael Jackson, but he says it's a cowboy hat.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Dr. Grant waits patiently!


Happy Birthday!!
My friend, Sara, should have her own TV show.  She makes some of the most amazing cakes.  You can find her at:  She also does great cupcake toppers and fondant figures that can be mailed anywhere.
The backside of the cake.  Those rocks are made from chocolate.

Jonathan was making sure they didn't ruin the cake before everyone got there.

Sara (the cake Goddess) and one of her twins, Abby.

Grant wasn't in the best picture mood!

You can't have enough cake pictures.

The GREAT Aunt Judy and Jonathan

This is just because my husband looked cute!

And this one is just because Grant looked cute!


My brother, Chad, and 3 of 4 of his kids.

Princess Abby and Princess Olivia

George and the boys

This was right before Grant had a meltdown

The singing overwhelmed Grant.

Cade didn't mind though!

We had candy filled balloons to pop, but they weren't popping!

Tyler had no luck either.

This is the only picture of my mom smiling!


Not-so-fab picture of Delaney, my mom, and Sammy

Time for Presents!

Aunt Tina and Nanny

The big gift!

Cade approves!

Cade and Izzy

Grant had to fix something

giving Tyler a ride


They love their birthday balloons!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


The boys got their "worker-man" vests made by Sarah Fields today, and they LOVE them!


I told them to act like they loved each other.


This is probably my favorite picture taken of Grant this year.


Dylan donated his hair to Locks of Love again. (Thank goodness!!)


This was from Homecoming this year.  I swear they look like brother and sister!


This kid can take some pretty bad pictures!